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By George Erickson

Eyes Wide Open


George Erickson - pilot, bricklayer, philanthropist, dentist, welder and author of the pro-science, best seller True North, and Back to the Barrens: On the Wing with da Vinci and Friends plus Time Traveling with Science and the Saints, returns with Eyes Wide Open, a semi-autobiographical anthology of new and published fiction and non-fiction based on a life that began without religion, became deeply involved, but returned to rationality as president of the Minnesota Humanists and a former director of the American Humanist Association, Washington, DC.


With stories like Working Girl, Crystals Lite and the Minnesota Trapper, he addresses the human condition, and with op-eds like Glenn Beck - Where Were You?, Why Horses Laugh, Single-Payer Now! and Parochaid: Sounds Like KoolAid - Tastes Like Bile!, he speaks truth to power across a span of 30 years.


Drawing on sages from Plato to a skeptic named Carlin, Erickson scrutinizes religion, sex, politics, science, nature, humor, death, love and war with his Eyes Wide Open, filling the pages with stories from a life well led.


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George Erickson has spent the last thirty-eight summers traversing the northern provinces, Quebec, the Northwest and Yukon Territories and Alaska. A retired dentist, he is a history lover, science buff, lecturer and the author of the Canadian best-seller True North: Exploring the Great Wilderness by Bush Plane, which garnered universally glowing reviews and left his readers asking for more.



"Erickson's insightful incursions into religion, politics, philosophy, history, atheism and social issues are totally enjoyable. Some might make you cry and some will make you laugh, but none will bore you."


–Mel Lipman, Vice-President International Humanist and Ethical Union


"George Erickson has written a real gem: a serious book in which he doesn't take himself too seriously, a humorous book with important progressive messages. No one who reads Eyes Wide Open will be able to maintain the fiction that atheists have no sense of humor. Had Moses emerged from Mt. Sinai with "St. George's Commandments," all 13 of them, what a wonderful past couple of millennia this would have been."


–Herb Silverman, Secular Coalition for America, President


"Eyes Wide Open is a cornucopia of vignettes, parables and poetry -- a feast for the rational, inquiring mind. A boy checks his trap-lines and comes face-to-face with the reality of death. A passenger cruising the Spiritual Sea jumps overboard and swims to freedom on the Rational Islands as Erickson charts a course through the "demon-haunted world' of our times."


–Bette Chambers, past president, the American Humanist Assoc.


George Erickson's captivating prose cleverly weaves together stories filled with humanistic values of love, education and humor as he eloquently puts life's lessons to paper.


–Margaret Downey, Founder of the Philadelphia Freethought Society


Eyes Wide Open is like a box of fine chocolates: When you dip into it, you're never sure what you'll find - but you'll enjoy it. This tome deserves a large audience.

–Rob Boston, Author and Assistant Director of Communications

 for Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AU)


George Erickson is also the author of the best-selling True North, available on Amazon and other online retailers.

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