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By Nikki Stern

Hope in Small Doses

What is hope–instinct, emotion, learned behavior or innate impulse?

In Hope in Small Doses, author Nikki Stern asks these questions and more in what Psychology Today labels "an intelligent book."

Hers is a journey to find the hope that has eluded her for some time, especially following the death of her husband on 9/11. Rejecting hope that counts on divine providence or a guaranteed outcome; she embraces a version driven not by expectation but by possibility. Her hope is at once grounded in reason, energized by discovery, imbued with awe, and fueled by faith in our capacity to grow.

Feisty, funny and deeply moving, Hope in Small Doses offers a workable blueprint for a life fully lived.


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Nikki is a member of the Center for Inquiry’s speakers bureau, and has presented on subjects ranging from 9/11 to America’s so-called “moral authority.” She is on several advisory boards and is a past recipient of Search for Common Ground’s annual award.


"What I thought as first was a simple concept—hope—became a much more nuanced and multi-layered topic to spend time pondering.



"She manages to combine a personal conversational style with a round-up of the history, philosophy, and current thinking about hope."



"What she calls a sort of managed hope is carefully distanced from passive, faith-based belief and wishful thinking."


Nikki Stern is also the author of Because I Say So: The Dangerous Appeal of Moral Authority.

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