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Humanism for All

an initiative from Humanist Press and the American Humanist Association

Every year, the American Humanist Association gets dozens of letters from prison inmates seeking humanist resources.


We're asking you to help spread the positive, ethical philosophy of humanism by donating your old paperback freethought books to:


Humanism for All Books

1821 Jefferson Place NW

Washington, DC, 20036


There are more ways you can help, too!


  • BUY A BOOK from Humanist Press for a prisoner or make a donation that will be put toward purchasing a book for a prisoner.
  • BE A PENPAL for a prisoner.
  • PAY FOR SHIPPING BOOKS! Every $20 ensures we can send out another set of 4-5 humanist books to someone who asks for them. .


Contact Sincere Kirabo, social justice coordinator, at




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