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The Humanist Approach to Happiness

By Jennifer Hancock

The Humanist Approach to Happiness is a book that basically says – here are personal ethics, here is why they are important, and here is how you can apply them to your daily life and why doing so will help you live a happier more productive life. It isn’t a philosophy book so much as a book about the pragmatic reasons for being an ethical, compassionate and responsible person.


This is a great book for parents and grandparents to buy for their kids. It has chapters on dating, sex, grief, drinking, driving and resisting peer pressure. It was written to be discussed and has been endorsed by youth educators in 3 countries.


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By sharing her pragmatic Humanist approach to living life fully and intentionally, Jennifer Hancock has transformed the lives of those who have been touched by her work.  By encouraging people be the best, most ethical humans they can be, she consistently challenges people to think about and question who they are, what they are and more importantly, how they want to be.


She is one of the few individuals in America who was raised as a Humanist and she brings her delightful sense of humor, creativity, and compassion combined with a no-nonsense approach to all of her work and her coaching. She will help you focus on what really matters in your life and will teach you the practical skills you need to live your life the way you know you should be: ethically, compassionately and responsibly.

"I loved this book! Jennifer Hancock packs a lot of common sense wisdom in this small book. You don't have to be a Humanist to agree that what she writes is good advise for anyone. Can't wait to read her other book on Humanism!"

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