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By P. O. Wilson

On the Side of a Fish:

Can Humanity Outlive Its Own Myths?

With the champions of Atheism like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris—the religious-like gurus of self-help such as Deepac Chopra and Echart Tolle—and the born-again testimonials of media and megachurch preachers, there's no lack of books claiming the most enlightened view on religion and spirituality.


In his book, On the Side of a Fish, PO Wilson makes no such claims of academic mastery, religious authority or superior intuition. His is the tale of an artist's more personal trek through such questions. One that invites the reader to join him in questioning what many deem unquestionable, on a journey he calls taking the middle view. Here he writes about being pushed beyond reason by ancient religions while at the same time not being able to rectify such thoughts with only current scientific thinking. Instead of the approach of either a Theist or an Atheist, Wilson sets a path for learning how we might let go of a demand for certainty, when thinking about things we really just don't know.


This first printing of On the Side of a Fish includes 19 black and white ink drawings created by Wilson while living in Brooklyn as an artist activist once involved as the media spokesperson for the early Occupy movement. The poems placed in this edition are taken from his four collections of poetry written in years prior to that while living in the Midwest and working as a musician, artist and father of four children; the latter of which gave him pause when thinking about religion and what the future held for his own children, their children and beyond.


On the Side of a Fish gives us hope through its weaving of Wilson's poetry, art and ideas.....a must read for anyone looking for a fresh take on some of life's more illusive questions.






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About the Author

P. O. Wilson is a  New York Artist, Poet, Writer and Musical Composer who lives in Brooklyn where he paints mostly minimalist paintings and writes about possibilities.

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