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The Last Aloha

By Cleo Fellers Kocol

He was a scientist; she was a writer/actor. Together they found humanism and feminism and began their activist life. Traveling the world on their own, they had adventures most people encounter only in movies. Dedicated to one another, when dementia struck him, he opted for a good death, and she was at his side.


Praise for The Last Aloha:


"Cleo is a sharp, vivid writer with fine stories to tell. Her life journey with Hank is enthralling."

---Jennifer Bardi, Editor in Chief, the Humanist Magazine.


"Long-standing Humanists, Cleo and Hank lived their humanist philosophy."

---Fred Edwords, Former Executive Director, American Humanist Association


"Hank’s final act of bravery, their devotion and exceptional life together is a gift to us all."

---Mynga Futrell, Ph.D, Executive Director, The Brights Network


"I admire Cleo and Hank’s courage, conviction and dedication to freethought and feminism."

--- Annie Laurie Gaylor, Co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation


"A strong and intriguing story with powerful role models for all freethinkers and feminists."

---Judy Saint, FFRF Chapter President and

Editor of the Reason Newsletter, Sacramento









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