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By Cary J. Stegman

The New Old Testament


Science has provided enormous benefits to humanity. Critical thinking, the essence of scientific method, not delusion, is imperative to establishing policies that can help alleviate human suffering.

With oft-sly humor and serious ethical debate, The New Old Testament addresses the question:  Where more wisely is the nobility of the human spirit found? In religion or in science?


In this story of compassion and critical thinking, God becomes Man and Man becomes God, creating a kinder, nobler world.


You will laugh...maybe snicker.  You will cry.  You will question.  But most of all you will think!


And so begins The New Old Testament:


In the beginning, there was within the void was the singularity...the oneness...of the ark, an orb.   And within this orb were the infinite ordered mass, energies, time and vitality...the heavenly nucleus... of the nascent universe.


And the gravity of the ark was great...binding God...within.


And God beheld the confining shells of the ark.   And He could not restrain His desire to be free...but the bonds were powerful...constraining.   And the mass, gravity, and dark energy locked within were all mighty.   And so it was.


And God placed His trust in faith, in the Word, for He felt that faith...that the Word...could set Him free.   But He was perplexed, for He knew not the unknown Word. And He waited an eternity. And still He was not free. And He was a slave to His faith.


And by faith, despairing at nature's indifference, He realized that His chance for freedom was nil...


And God thought, By faith, in bondage, must I abide? Might the power of reason set Me free?




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